MorphCase | The Beginning


The MorphCase simply clips on your iPod Touch and transforms it into a Wi-Fi iPhone for calling and texting! Smartcase.


The next generation SmartPhone is here! Turn your TOUCH into TALK with the MorphCase and CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!!


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Purchase the MorphCase The MorphCase 2-4G is ******* Available NOW ******* The MorphCase 5-6G is ****** COMING SOON ******

The beginning of a Wi-Fi Mobile Revolution…

The MorphCase was created to change how we think of mobile phones. Wi-Fi is everywhere and we always have access to it. Kids want a Smartphone, parents want to save money...the MorphCase is the answer. This simple, inexpensive accessory clips on the iPod Touch and gives it a speaker at the top and microphone at the bottom, just like the iPhone...but without the monthly cellular bill.

Turn Your iPod Touch Into The Smartphone Of The Future!

How??? Take your iPod Touch...

1 - Snap on a MorphCase
2 - Be connected to W-Fi
3 - Download ANY VoIP App
4 - Start CALLING!

Call, Text, Video, Pictures, Voicemail, Forwarding and more with the World’s 1st 100% Wi-Fi Mobile Smartphone.