MorphCase – Turn the iPod Touch Into A FREE Wi-Fi iPhone

The MorphCase VoIP Adapter adds iPhone features to the iPod Touch.
Take your iPod Touch to the next level, the Wi-Fi Mobile Smartphone.

The MorphCase is a simple solution…

~ Take the Apple iPod Touch ~

~ Use any VoIP App (Enterprise or Personal) ~

~ Snap on the MorphCase (adding the phone speaker and microphone) ~

~ Start calling (it’s that simple!) ~

We love smartphones, just not the expensive monthly bill. With free wi-fi available everywhere (home, school, work, and millions of hotspots), all you need is the MorphCase and any VoIP App to transform the iPod Touch into a FREE 100% Wi-Fi Smartphone.

Using the MorphCase with the iPod Touch as a Wi-Fi Smartphone is perfect for:

  • Families: Parents don’t need another monthly cellular bill, but they need to be able to communicate with their children.

  • Enterprise/Corporations: With Enterprise VoIP for all Industries, the MorphCase offers give corporations an inexpensive state-of-the-art VoIP Communication System utilizing Apple products with no monthly fees.

  • Anyone: The wi-fi alternative to expensive monthly cellular bills.

Calls, texts, pictures, videos, emails and social media communication can all be sent FREE using wi-fi. Today, approximately 90 percent of all communication is done with VoIP/Wi-Fi and Apps. Even cellular networks are offloading data traffic to wi-fi to ease network congestion.

With people using and wanting products with wi-fi connectivity, corporations are seeing the demand for better and more extensive wi-fi networks. Having greater abundance and accessibility of wi-fi everywhere, is the revolution we need.

Many Wi-Fi advances already embrace the vision of seamless connectivity:

  • Enterprise VoIPUtilizing the most technologically advanced industry communication software for integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, and mobility solutions.
    (Avaya, Cisco, Citrix, Nextiva, Unify, etc.)

  • CableWiFiThe collaboration of major cable companies to give consumers access to more than 100,000 WiFi Hotspots.

  • FONAn expanding global wi-fi sharing network that gives millions of free access points worldwide no charge when you join and share.

  • Anyfi.netYou stay connected to your home network by using any access points as simply a connection gateway.

  • Santa Clara Free Wi-Fi powered by SVP MeterConnectFree citywide Wi-Fi via electric meters.

  • Uconnect and AutonetMobileWi-Fi enabled vehicles.

  • PasspointSecured seamless wi-fi connectivity to millions of hotspots all over the world.

  • Super Wi-FiUsing TV Whitespace technology for longer distance wi-fi access.

The iPod Touch was not designed to be the iPhone. There is no speaker at the top or microphone at the bottom. So, when using it as a phone with a VoIP App for calling, you are limited. The only choices you have to make calls are a Bluetooth earpiece, earphones with an integrated microphone, or (on the 4th and 5th Generation) a speakerphone.

My cell phone bill was always expensive no matter what plan I tried. I loved my iPod Touch and saw that using a VoIP App made it “almost” a phone…but not quite.

There was no product in existence with added features that could make the iPod Touch be used exactly like a phone. So after finding components small enough (with the quality needed) that would work connecting by the audio jack, I began drawing designs enclosing a microphone and speaker inside a case. I applied for the patent and started creating what now is the MorphCase.

The MorphCase has a microphone and speaker placed in the normal phone locations. There are no extra wires or power cable, no battery drain, and no need to “jailbreak”. It’s simply a Smartcase that transforms your iPod Touch into the FREE Wi-Fi Smartphone.

Two years of design and revision went into the MorphCase development to achieve the final product you see today.

The Case…The adapter is a unique case that fits on the iPod Touch. I wanted a well-engineered product that would complement the form and style of the iPod Touch. The open design of the MorphCase keeps the sleek look of the iPod Touch and allows easy access to all buttons and the connector. The case has an inner and outer shell. Over the past year, multiple variations of material hardness and flexibility have been rigorously tested to finally achieve the perfect combination. The inner case material is sturdy but flexible, the outer case is more robust and serves to add structure while still have slight flexibility.

The Hardware…The speaker and microphone connect via the audio jack to function. It’s been thoroughly tested for excellent, clear call quality with no static or interference.

Just like reinventing the phone, only Apple could make the mp3 player a cutting-edge piece of technology. The MorphCase just takes it to the next level by completing the transformation that gives you a FREE 100% wi-fi iPhone.

Multiple rounds of testing have been done over the past year to produce a well-designed, safe and durable product. Materials were changed after lifecycle-testing results to achieve the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. In the final design, internal structural components were added for a more robust product. All final testing has passed the highest standards of consumer safety and environment specifications.

The images below show all the stages of development for the MorphCase from the initial concept in 2010 through revisions and modification to the initial production in 2013.

You have the ability to do more than simply “disrupt” the world…