New iPod Touch Accessory coming 2013…MorphCase 2-4G VoIP Adapter!

MorphCase. from touch to talk.

Even with a device as capable as the iPod Touch, users are still unable to comfortably use VoIP applications to speak with each other, as if using a regular cellular phone. Although headphones with integrated microphones are available, they are not natural to use, the call quality is not ideal, and they can be a tangled mess.

Literally hundreds of cases are available on the market but none of them integrate the microphone and speaker capabilities of the iPhone 4. Existing headphone and bluetooth headset designs incorporate the necessary hardware in a compact, high-style package. iPod dock designs couple high-style with high-function, and follow the design language of the Apple product line.

The MorphCase is a VoIP adapter that converts your iPod Touch into a budget-friendly mobile phone alternative for anyone looking to save money and not have a monthly cell phone bill. It utilizes a microphone and speaker precisely placed in the normal locations, just as on any phone. The design and the hardware are simple. Snap your iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd, or 4th Generation) into the case and you are ready to go. No extra wires or power cable, no battery drain, and no “jailbreaking”. Just clean simple integration that transforms your iPod Touch into the phone of the future.

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