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“A pretty neat idea if you don’t want to spend money on an iPhone.”


“This intriguing Indiegogo project provides a speaker and microphone that simulate the iPhone experience.”

The Gadgeteer“Turn an iPod touch into a Phone with the MorphCase

Ubergizmo “If you’d rather not own an iPod touch and an iPhone at the same time, but would like to turn your iPod touch into a more dedicated VoIP device, this Indiegogo project might be worth taking a look at.”

freshINFOS “Now you don’t need to get an iPhone, all you’re gonna need is your good old iPod touch and the cool new MorphCase and viola you got yourself a cool iPhone. “

The Droid Guy “The MorphCase will be a perfect phone for kids who can use it to make calls when they are at home, without their parents having to worry about data charges.”

iDeviceNews “The case itself could be a nice little investment for those who love their iPod touch and regularly use apps like Skype or Fring.”

Redmond Pie “If you actually want to be seen in public using the iPod touch just like an iPhone, then the MorphCase might be a product that is worth looking at.”

The Product Farm “MorphCase: iPod Touch = PHONE”

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