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DecalGirl MorphCase Skins

So Excited About DecalGirl MorphCase Skins!

DecalGirl has finished the template for the MorphCase!!! : D

Coming in November 2013, you'll not only be able to design your own custom skin for your case, but you can also fit one on your iPod Touch to compliment or contrast with the MorphCase Skin!

The MorphCase on DecalGirl

Thanks for the support, everyone!


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Tooling Started!

Tooling has begun!!!

Well, factory selection is done : )  Hopstech Industries was chosen to manufacture the MorphCase.

Final revisions have been completed to make it compatible for manufacturing and tooling and first shot should be finished by the second week in January 2013.

The testing plan has been finalized to assure the MorphCase adheres to the quality befitting an Apple accessory.

Hopstech completed several prototypes for functional testing on all the electrical components which is currently underway.  Adhesion testing has been completed for the adapter construction to bond the inner and outer shell for tight durable bonding ability.

We are doing several test trials for different levels of...

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Final Prototype Ready!

Final Prototype Ready!

We have just finished the final MorphCase prototype and are planning to have the Dynacept Division of Spectrum Plastics Group to produce additional prototypes of the final design for tradeshows and reviewers in the next month.

We will have factory selection in China finished in the next couple of weeks and begin the tooling for the MorphCase.

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Why is a Wi-Fi Smartphone so important?

I know everyone thinks you need cellular to be mobile these days, but we are in the middle of a wi-fi explosion. The technology for a Wi-Fi phone won’t need a cellular data network to always be connected in the future. Wi-Fi networks are easy and inexpensive to set up as compared to a cellular tower. I’ve been researching wi-fi and white space technology for the past four years and ALL it will take is a national network for people to be connected seamlessly. These are the most current advances I’m really excited about: