I am Adrienne Harrington, creator of the MorphCase…I became Dexterity to change the world.

This may be the first you know of me, because I prefer obscurity.  I never quite “fit.”  No one can ever really understand me, but I accept this.  I am driven to the point where I am so focused, my work is all that can exist in my head.

But it is all to make a difference in the world.  Though what I contribute may be forgotten, the purpose to give people something greater that makes their lives somehow better is what matters to me.

My mission involves pursuing technological advances to simplify everyday life, embrace green technology, and help people save money.  The reason you are here now is because my current initiative involves mobile communication…specifically Wi-Fi.  VoIP Apps are the next level to make our lives easier and cut a major monthly expense, the mobile smartphone.  Wi-Fi is finally capable of being at the forefront in mobile technology. 

To put it simply, the MorphCase is not just another accessory for an Apple product, it’s meant to change the world.

“Don’t simply DISRUPT…change EVERYTHING.”